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Studying at NORDAKADEMIE not only connects you for the duration of your studies, but also after graduation. The university offers all alumni a lifelong email address and keeps them up to date on current events at NORDAKADEMIE via the newsletter, the university magazine and the annual report.

The alumni community already includes over 6,000 graduates. Many of them are also members of the alumni network Nordakademiker e.V. The association was founded by students as early as 1993 and has been in close contact with its university ever since.

In addition to promoting the university and its students, the alumni organization has set itself the goal of lifelong retention of alumni, the networking of its members through association events, seminars and regular communication, as well as the promotion of dual and part-time degree programs.

NORDAKADEMIE and Nordakademiker e.V. - a strong community!

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The Nordakademiker e.V. wishes all graduates of the 2017 class all the best and much success for their next career steps!

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