The Dual Bachelor Study Programmes

Go to university or start work immediately?

You can combine the benefits of attending an internationally recognized university with the advantages of doing a practical training programme. Graduating from a dual programme means that you already have practical work experience in your field. Here are the top 10 reasons for doing a dual programme at the NORDAKADEMIE:

  1. You combine both theory and practice and can put what you learn into practice.
  2. You have an internationally recognised B.Sc. degree from a university which has institutional accreditation.
  3. You have above average career prospects due to the early support from a partner company.
  4. You have financial security: the partner company pays your tuition fees and you receive a training remuneration.
  5. You have outstanding conditions of study including experienced lecturers, small tuition groups with individual supervision and modern facilities.
  6. Our campus is also known as the "university in the park" – it provides a relaxing atmosphere which makes learning more fun.
  7. The Hochschule der Wirtschaft  - over 700 companies have cooperated with us by offering university places.
  8. A semester abroad (optional), foreign language tuition from native speakers, and a comprehensive programme of seminars.
  9. The NORDAKADEMIE is a non-profit institution and serves solely the students’ interests.
  10. …and saving the best until last – great students!

General Information

General Information about the dual programmes can be found here:

Overview of the undergraduate programmes

What does a dual programme encompass?


What is offered on Campus?

Which companies offer placements for students?

Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.)

This degree focuses on software development and the design of IT systems. Graduates will not only have learned about data protection and data storage but also usability and ethical questions concerning information technology. With a degree in Applied Computer Science you will be in high demand on the job market.

Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Graduates of this comprehensive degree in Business Administration are able to work in many areas of industry and have a range of job opportunities in all areas to choose from. You will be able to assume leading roles in management in a number of diverse fields. This degree also offers students the chance to focus on in-depth modules in more specialist areas.

International Business (B.Sc.)

If you are keen on undertaking your business studies in English, and would like to learn how to manage the international and intercultural aspects of doing business effectively, the course International Business suits you. Engaging international guest lecturers and spending a semester abroad at one of our partner universities are central to this course. Studying International Business will prepare you for taking over leadership and managerial positions, particularly in those organizations that operate across national and cultural borders. You will have the opportunity to focus on a particular area through elective modules.

Computer Science and Business Management (B.Sc.)

Graduates use modern information and communication technology to solve business issues. Students combine their knowledge of modern information technology, business information technology and business administration and become IT experts with business skills.

Industrial Engineering and Business Management (B.Sc.)

By completing this comprehensive degree in industrial engineering, you will be in high demand for both specialist and leading positions. The technical training of this degree combines aspects of mechanical engineering, electrotechnology and electronics as well as information technology. With the additional business training, you will become an expert in many different areas of work.