The Dual Bachelor Study Programmes

Go to university or start work immediately?

You can combine the benefits of attending an internationally recognised university with the advantages of doing a practical training programme. Graduating from a duales Studium programme means that you already have practical work experience in your field. Here are the top 10 reasons for doing a duales Studium programme at NORDAKADEMIE:

  1. You combine both theory and practice and can put what you learn into practice.
  2. You have an internationally recognised B.Sc. degree from a university which has institutional accreditation.
  3. You have above average career prospects due to the early support from a partner company.
  4. You have financial security: the partner company pays your tuition fees and you receive a training remuneration.
  5. You have outstanding conditions of study including experienced lecturers, small tuition groups with individual supervision and modern facilities.
  6. Our campus is also known as the "university in the park" – it provides a relaxing atmosphere which makes learning more fun.
  7. The Hochschule der Wirtschaft  - over 700 companies have cooperated with us by offering university places.
  8. A semester abroad (optional), foreign language tuition from native speakers, and a comprehensive programme of seminars.
  9. The NORDAKADEMIE is a non-profit institution and serves solely the students’ interests.
  10. …and saving the best until last – great students!