Career Prospects

Graduates of Applied Computer Science have studied all the stages in the construction of software, i.e. the design and modelling, realization, implementation and quality assurance of complex software systems. This can true for both standard software products as well as for company-specific applications.

Graduates of the programme can be involved in projects not only as an application developer, but can also take on project management tasks. With appropriate specialization graduates can also work as software engineers, web engineers or software architects.

The following is a list of possible areas of application: 

Commercial/administrative systems:

  • E-commerce systems
  • ERP systems
  • Supply Chain Management Systems

Information and communication systems:

  •  Mobile applications
  •  Content Management Systems
  •  Analytical Information Systems

Technical systems:

  •  Management and control systems for manufacturing plants
  •  Embedded Systems
  •  CAD systems

You can determine the field of work you would like to focus on by your choice of training organization. While studying, you will have another opportunity to specialize further in a particular subject area.

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