Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Graduates of this comprehensive degree in Business Administration are able to work in many areas of industry.  To make the best use of the wide range of job opportunities the degree in Business Administration at the NORDAKADEMIE also offers students the chance to focus on in-depth modules in more specialist areas.

  • Ability to work scientifically by applying his/her own research methods.
  • Include abilities, overall economic frameworks and cross-linking the company into society in case of business-related decisions.
  • Knowledge of the relevant civil law and its importance for the economy as the basis for entrepreneurial decisions
  • Optimise of company-internal and spanning business processes by designing the organisation and its IT-systems
  • Economic and socially responsible use and development of the company’s human capital
  • Orientation of the company towards the challenges of internationalisation of the economy.
  • Develop social competence for the implementation of decisions
  • Practical skills development for international activity through intensive language training as well as study semesters abroad
  • Immersion into the fundamental knowledge in individually elective priority topics
  • Instructions to act within management in an economic rational, though always in a socially and ethically responsible manner
  • Conveying of market oriented mind-set and actions
  • Target-oriented decision preparation through the usage of corporate accounting tools. 

Questions about the course?

Christine Dölling
Student service
Telephone: 04121 4090-0

Prof. Dr. Michael Lühn
Programme Director
Telephone: 04121 4090-411

Sabine Ahlff
Research assistant
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