Structure of the programme

The degree programme in Business Administration imparts not only a wide range of knowledge of the principles of economics but also the chance to specialise in a chosen field and thus be best prepared for work abroad.

The dual study programme ensures that the contents are closely linked to the requirements of the training company.

The Business Administration degree offers students a comprehensive, broadly-based programme of studies and offers companies new recruits who have received in-company training and, as such, are able to complete all business processes.

The undergraduate degree covers the following:

  • Economics
  • Related topics
  • Elective courses – with the option of choosing a specialized in-depth course
  • Studium Generale
  • Bachelor's thesis
  • Work module

In addition, skills in information technology and knowledge of legal aspects in business are also studied.

Good language skills for use in the international arena can be achieved by means of studying two compulsory foreign languages, English and either French or Spanish.

In the fifth semester students can choose to spend a semester abroad at a partner university and, as well as using their language skills, become familiar with the culture of the host country. The International Office is available to support and advise students. A semester abroad is an integral part of the study programme for the specialisation in International Management.

Many international companies also offer their students the opportunity to do an internship abroad. 

A degree in Business Administration will open up a wide range of employment opportunities in all sectors of the economy.

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