Course profile

Computer Science and Business Management (B.Sc.)

Graduates use modern information and communication technology to solve business issues. To be able to do this the integration of knowledge from both the field of business administration and applied computer science is necessary. 

Course duration and organisation

  • 7 semesters
  • 13 weeks/6 months in the training company and 10 weeks/6 months of studies at the NORDAKADEMIE
  • wide range of seminars constituting the Studium Generale component of the course
  • comprehensive programme of foreign language tuition
  • semester abroad at a partner university (optional)

Start of studies

Studies always begin on 1 October each year.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are paid for by the training company, which also pays a training remuneration – also for the time spent studying at the NORDAKADEMIE.

Special features of the course

The course combines the three disciplines:

  • Computer Science
  • Business Information Technology
  • Economics


  • Internationally recognized qualification with 210 ECTS as a “Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology” from a renowned private university funded by companies
  • Certification of practical training in a recognized training company


The NORDAKADEMIE has been awarded institutional accreditation by the FIBAA. This course has been accredited internally by the NORDAKADEMIE.

pdf. Information on Bachelor’s degrees 

Questions about the course?

Christine Dölling
Student service
Telephone: 04121 4090-0

Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schröder
Programme Director
Telephone: 04121 4090-442

Silke Homann-Vorderbrück
Research assistant
Telephone: 04121 4090-542

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