Structure of the dual study programme

The degree in Computer Science and Business Management is offered alongside the degree in Applied Computer Science and is closely linked to it.


The dual study course means that the contents of the course is closely linked to the requirements of the partner company.

The optimal use of IT in business requires a close integration of computer science and in-depth knowledge with business knowledge in areas such as procurement, production, sales and administration. Therefore, the degree programme is based on the following three pillars: 

The first pillar in the field of computer science involves the basic principles of modern IT, which include topics such as software development and basic knowledge of computer science.
The second pillar shows the links between computer science and business and includes fields such as business applications, internet applications and project management.
The third pillar involves economics with fields such as logistics, controlling and marketing which concentrate on the economic aspects of business practice. In addition, students further their knowledge by means of additional specialist subjects and courses chosen from the seminar programme. The Bachelor’s thesis is based on an aspect of business practice

Graduates with this degree have excellent career prospects.

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