• Graduates can apply relevant research methods and latest insights in the field of international business to practical tasks, under the consideration of political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological aspects.
  • Graduates recognize complex tasks in the field of international business, and are able to develop interdisciplinary, holistic and methodological solutions.
  • Due to the strong focus on work practice, graduates are able to immediately integrate into the professional environment and collaborate with business partners at various national and international levels.
  • Graduates can think and act in a market-oriented way.
  • Graduates are able to present the foundations of civil and common law applicable to international business as a support for corporate decisions.
  • Graduates are able to employ contemporary information technologies effectively to optimize internal and interdisciplinary processes, as well as to analyse business data for a solid understanding of past and future business activities.
  • Graduates are able to reflect upon their own behaviour in light of new knowledge in order to draw sustainable conclusions for the future.
  • Graduates have a strong sense for cultural differences, understand their own culture-based assumptions, and are able to adapt their behaviour as well as corporate activities in order to communicate effectively and appropriately with people from different cultural and/ or linguistic backgrounds (verbally and nonverbally).
  • Graduates are able to communicate dialogically, find consensus and integrate so that they work constructively in homogeneous and heterogeneous teams.
  • Graduates can work individually, plan and execute projects, and grow into respective leadership positions.
  • Graduates are able to communicate verbally and nonverbally with proficiency across all areas of international business in all key corporate functions and converse about content and issues in the relevant discipline with peers.
  • Graduates are able to make rational decisions and think critically in order to identify innovative and effective solutions for interdisciplinary, qualitative and quantitative matters.
  • Graduates are aware of their emotions and able to regulate their external manifestation of emotions, whilst at the same time understanding the emotions of others.

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