In order to comply with the goal of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary academic and practical training, participation in seminars is a compulsory part of the wide-ranging curriculum offered at NORDAKADEMIE. More than hundred seminars round off the catalogue of the compulsory and elective modules of each bachelor programme. These seminars aim at developing the personality and broadening the knowledge about current management topics and specialised subjects. Seminars can be attended during the entire undergraduate programme and they are content-independent from the elective modules of the bachelor programmes.

For registration purposes and participation requirements at seminars, please refer to the information sheet About seminars, which students find in the Campus Information System (CIS).

The seminar Research Methodology caters for the needs of knowledge of scientific methods and working procedures as well as their efficient and effective use in academic applied disciplines and practical fields such as the work at the training company. This seminar is compulsory for all students and takes place in the first semester. Its goal is to provide students with the competences needed to work in a scientific manner.




In addition to the seminar courses, a host of other events is also available.

The Department of Information Technology regularly offers interesting talks concerning IT.

Not only is the exchange of knowledge in education crucial to the NORDAKADEMIE but also the exchange of knowledge in both the fields of science and economics.