Training with the NORDAKADEMIE

Bachelor's and Master's degrees

Get to know your future employees four years earlier!

Your top 5 advantages:

  1. Experience: The NORDAKADEMIE has more than 20 years experience in dual study programmes with more than 700 companies.
  2. By industry - for industry e.g. applied research (anwendungsnahe Forschung) and projects out of business such as Praxisprojekte im Master as well as a series of lectures or events offered jointly by company and university representatives.
  3. Participation: At the NORDAKADEMIE, the partner companies are members in several committees (Gremien) 
  4. Broad diversity of business sectors
  5. Nachwuchs aus den eigenen Reihen: Recruit the best trainees from your own ranks.


Dual study programmes (Campus Elmshorn)

Academic training and master programmes (Graduate School Hamburg)

 Information brochure (in German)

Ann-Kristin Voss
Service for companies
Telephone: 04121 4090-127

Jörg Meier
Service for companies
Telephone: 04121 4090-113

Cornelia Meier
Service for companies
Telephone: 04121 4090-126