Children's University: Child-King of Egypt - Tutankhamun and his golden treasures

A cooperative event with the Elmshorn Family Education Centre. For children aged 8-12 years.

October 19, 2021

17:00 Clock


Tutankhamun was only eight years old when he became king of Egypt. Just ten years later, the young pharaoh died and was buried with magnificent grave goods in the "Valley of the Kings". Tutankhamun remained forgotten for over 3000 years - until the English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered his tomb and the golden treasures in 1922. We want to experience this "great moment of archaeology" together.

What finds was Howard Carter able to make in the tomb of Tutankhamun? And what do these finds tell us about the life of the young king? Did the "curse of the pharaoh" really exist? The lecture of Egyptologist Susanne Martinssen-von Falck answers all these questions and takes you for an afternoon to Egypt - the mysterious land on the Nile!
Registration is through the family education center. Please use the following link, quoting course number U064. The participation fee is 5 euros, siblings pay 2.50 euros.

In cooperation with the Family Education Centre Elmshorn, NORDAKADEMIE has been organising the Children's University for 13 years now. We are pleased to also inspire children and young people for scientific topics. The speakers are a colourful mix: university professors, doctors, scientists, teachers, IT experts, but also NORDAKADEMIE students have passed on their knowledge over the years and inspired the young audience.