Graduation ceremony 2021

NORDAKADEMIE today said goodbye to 328 freshly graduated Bachelor of Science students in the first virtual graduation ceremony in the history of the largest private university of applied sciences in Northern Germany.

President Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kerstin Fink awarded business administration graduate Elsa Ludorf her graduation certificate in the Elmshorn Audimax on behalf of all graduates and emphasised: "In the dual study programme at NORDAKADEMIE you have acquired sound knowledge for your current professional activity and for future challenges. But studying also means further developing your own personality and remaining curious for new things."

The 328 graduates of the Applied Computer Science, Business Administration, Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering degree programmes watched the ceremony, which was broadcast via video platform, along with several hundred relatives, company representatives and university staff.

Christoph Fülscher, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kerstin Fink and Elsa Ludorf (l.t.r.)

Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Education Karin Prien acknowledged the importance of dual studies in general and NORDAKADEMIE in particular in a video greeting from Kiel. The Minister congratulated the graduates on their graduation after seven semesters with 13 weeks per semester in the training company and 10 weeks of study at the university.

Holger Micheel-Sprenger, graduate in industrial engineering at NORDAKADEMIE in 1994 and today CEO and partner of ICME International AG, as well as chairman of the supervisory board of gAG, paid tribute by broadcast to 29 years of successful work of NORDAKADEMIE, which currently offers a good 2,400 study places in Elmshorn and Hamburg in cooperation with more than 300 cooperating companies.

Christoph Fülscher, Chairman of NORDAKADEMIE gAG and Chancellor of the university, awarded the Nordakademiker pin to particularly committed graduates, while Univ.-Prof. Dr. Fink honoured the six best graduates of the year on behalf of the NORDAKADEMIE Foundation. Further words of greeting from the course directors and an alumni, as well as musical interludes by a business informatics student rounded off the 90-minute event.