Prof. Dr. Paulo Gomes

Florida International University

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Prof. Dr. Gomes teaches "Advanced Operational Mangement" at the NODAKADEMIE: The transformation of the economy from the industrial to the knowledge age initiates numerous changes such as globalization, enforced competition and new products or services. Today’s highly competitive environment requires that every organization is apt to develop innovative products, services and processes. To meet these challenges, the integration of innovation management with operations strategy is fundamental. This module will help students recognize the link between innovation and operations, and identify opportunities for reinventing the innovation system in your companies. At the end of the module they will be better able to: • Develop competence with a set of tools and methods for product design and development.

• Recognize and create new opportunities for innovation through operations
• Tap into customers as sources of innovation
• Leverage disruptive and open innovation models
• Approach each innovation challenge as an opportunity to develop new operational and technological capabilities
• Develop competence with a set of tools and techniques to analyse and design environmentally sustainable products and supply chains.

The curriculum for this module is built around three integrated sections:
1. Leading Product Development
2. Designing Innovation Systems
3. Designing Supply Chains The course will be delivered using interactive methods.

Several cases per topic will be presented for class discussion. Students are strongly encouraged to share their experience upon each case presented. Competences will also be built up through short lectures, and team exercises. In his module, Prof. Dr. Gomes gives a lot of examples, which show that process management enables changes.

Prof. Gomes is currently a faculty member with the Florida International University. Before, he has been a full-time lecturer at Technology, Operations and Information Management Division at Babson College and MIT's prestigious Engineering Systems Division (ESD) where he taught Systems Project Management. From 2003-2009 he had been an Assistant Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he taught in the Masters, MBA and executive education programs, while also serving in the Lisbon MBA program (in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Sloan School of Management in Boston, USA), and in the bio-engineering program, Nova's program jointly conducted with MIT's School of Engineering. Besides NORDAKADEMIE, he has standing visiting appointments with CEDIM in Mexico and Shanghai International Studies University, where he teaches in the MBA program. Prof. Gomes teaches courses in operations management, project management and innovation management. His research has been published in several international journals, namely Managerial and Decision Economics, International Journal of Service Industry Management, International Journal of Operations and Production Management and published several book chapters. His research seeks to understand how uncertainty and complexity influence the organization of product development processes. He is also involved in research projects in healthcare, mapping the system complexity of service delivery systems. He has received research grants from FCT-Portuguese Science Foundation, Egide and Boston University School of Management.

Before initiating his doctorate, Prof. Gomes worked for banking institutions in Portugal, first as a financial analyst, then as a product manager. More recently he has been a project consultant in software development and design of healthcare services. He has developed significant consulting work with the Portuguese Health Ministry on the redesign of the National Primary Care service. He holds a PhD in Operations and Technology Management (2003) from Boston University, and a Licenciatura degree in management with specialization in Finance from University of Porto in Portugal.