Prof. Bob Ryan

Manchester Business School, University of Gloucestershire

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Professor em. Bob Ryan, MSc, FCA, FRSA, ARPS is a specialist in financial analysis and financial management. He is currently Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at Manchester Business School and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bath, United Kingdom. He travels widely during the year to teach abroad including China, Germany, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, USA. Throughout his career he has maintained an active consultancy practice advising major companies on financial, educational and training needs. However, his major contribution has been his commitment to developing teaching practice in financial management, financial analysis and valuation to management in many countries apart from the UK. He is author with over one hundred professional and academic articles and six books to his name, e.g. “Corporate Finance and Valuation”, “Finance and Accounting for Business”, “Research Methods and Methodology in Finance and Accounting” (with Bob Scapens and Mike Theobald), “Strategic Accounting” and “The Financial Appraisal Profile Model” (with Frank Lefley). Professor Ryan started in chemistry but decided later to pursue accountancy as a career. He was trained in London with one of the firms that later made up KPMG. After qualifying and working in the City of London the choice was a career track to wealth and prosperity through the partnership route or academic life. He chose academic life because of his passion for teaching but he has remained closely connected with the profession throughout his career serving as an examiner for both ICAEW and ACCA professional bodies. He recently completed a term as the examiner for the ACCA’s P4 paper “Advanced Financial Management”. He currently serves on the Institute of Chartered Accountant’s Valuation Special Interest Group Committee. He founded the Management School at the University of Southampton and held a professorship in management at that university. Subsequently he moved to Royal Holloway, University of London where he held a university professorship in financial management and became the Director of its School of Management. He has also held visiting professorships at the universities of Hertfordshire and Essex. In 2008 he was awarded an emeritus professorship at the University of Gloucestershire. In 2001 he was awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts for his national contribution to management education. In 2011 he obtained the highest teaching ratings given by students across the global Manchester Business School programme. At the NORDAKADEMIE Bob Ryan teaches "Business Valuation and Analysis". His aim in this course is to give students the skills and understanding to be able to analyse the financial position of their own or another company and to understand how it is or could potentially be valued. The work they do is equally valuable for the analyst looking at a business as an outsider or as a senior manager running the business at an executive or policy level. In this course students will examine the principles and practice of business valuation. The objectives are: (i) To develop an understanding of the use and limitations of the three core financial valuation models: (ii) Net Present Value, Capital Asset Pricing Model and Option Pricing Model. (iii) To estimate the cost of equity, debt and the weighted average cost of capital for a case company. (iv) To analyse the performance, efficiency, risk and liquidity of a business for a case company (v) To forecast the future revenues, costs and cash flows for a case company (vi) To estimate the intrinsic value of the case company (vii) To understand the limitations of intrinsic valuation methods when dealing with high growth, defaulting and other high gamma businesses. (viii) To understand the principles and issues in the valuation of acquisition targets.