Prof. Dr. Rui José Vieira

I.E. Business School Madrid

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Prof. Dr. Rui Vieira is an Assistant Professor for Management Accounting at the I.E. Business School - I.E. University in Madrid. Before that, he was Assistant Professor in Management Control and Accounting at Amsterdam Business School (The Netherlands). He has been engaged in research and teaching activities in various other schools besides the NORDAKADEMIE and Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School (Spain), where he is a Visiting Professor since 2007, such as Nanyang Business School (Singapore), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, ISCTE, and Universidade Lusíada (all three in Portugal), as well as University of Warwick and Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (both in the United Kingdom). Dr. Vieira has taught courses at all levels (Undergraduate, Master's, MBA, and Ph.D.). At the NORDAKADEMIE he teaches "Advanced Management Accounting". The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the types of managerial information used to effectively and efficiently run the business. The emphasis is on understanding the kind of information to ask for in various decision settings and how to use it (the managerial function) as opposed to the technical details of how to produce the data (the accounting function). Of course, some technical expertise is needed to understand the strengths and limitations of the data. However, the course focuses on the use of that data as information in managerial decision making; that is, interpretation and evaluation in different organizational settings. Professor Vieira's research focus is on Management accounting, especially in the fields of management control systems, cost accounting, performance measurement, and the organisational and behavioural aspects of management accounting systems, in which he has numerous publications. His primary teaching interests are in the areas of managerial accounting and control systems. Drawing on his consulting and research experience, he supplements the class content with real life examples to underscore various important themes. In his classes, he emphasizes the importance of understanding both the strengths and limitations of accounting information and its proper use relative to other information for decision-making. As a consultant and trainer he has worked for numerous organizations in Portugal such as IAPMEI - Institute for the Support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, INDEG and ISCTE Business School, CCA - Caiano Pereira Consultores Associados and in Mozambique and Cape Verde Islands for CESO CI - Consultores Internacionais. Professor Vieira holds a PhD in Industrial and Business Studies from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. He also holds a Master Degree in Management and Strategy from ISCTE and is a Business graduate, with distinction, from Universidade do Algarve, Portugal.