In order for students and researchers to test and evaluate theoretical contents, excellent research conditions are of great importance to the NORDAKADEMIE. Therefore, two new buildings were constructed on campus in 2014.  As well as new living and learning  facilities, the new buildings also offer new laboratories. Since their construction, the Industrial Engineering department has been able to try out  out new ideas within the field of Industry 4.0 in the “Labor Technik” and the department of Information Technology has been  working on the fields of topics ‘usability’ and ‘collaboration’ in the respective laboratories.

The laboratory exercises are co-ordinated closely with the lecture material and serve to illustrate the theoretical content in practice.

Students may also use the laboratories outside lecture periods after consulting Wilfried Netzler or Benjamin Wagner or Helmut Guttenberg (Information Technology labs).


Wilfried Netzler
Telephone: 04121 4090-590

Benjamin Wagner
Research assistant
Telephone: 04121 4090-572

Helmut Guttenberg
Telephone: 04121 4090-723