Information for international students

We are pleased that you are interested in our exchange programme for international students. 

The NORDAKADEMIE has partnerships with a large number of universities around the world and gives active support to the exchange programme for international students. 

Each year we have guest students from different countries who appreciate not only the quality of our lectures, but also the friendly atmosphere on the campus. 

Our courses offer students a combination of theory and practice in alternating blocks (dual study programme). The complete Bachelor's degree programme lasts 3½ years and is divided into 7 semesters.

The academic year at the NORDAKADEMIE consists of four quarters, each with ten weeks of lectures in the four dual study programmes, concluding with a Bachelor's degree in


Deadline for applications: three months before lectures begin

  • Autumn (10-12) Application until 30.06.
  • Winter (01-03) Application until 30.09.
  • Spring (04-06) Application until 31.12.
  • Summer (07-09) Application until 31.03.

Bewerbungsbogen für Gaststudierende

Our lectures are held in German; a good knowledge of German is therefore necessary (min. B1-level). 

A German course is offered to guest students at the NORDAKADEMIE, (three lessons a week) throughout the semester. 

If you need information about accommodation in Elmshorn please contact our international student committee (Ausland@bitte nicht This is made up  of a group of enthusiastic students who help our international students in Elmshorn (e.g. they provide host students).

Key Facts

Here, you find the key facts about us for download (in German).

Key Facts