Advantages of dual studies

Training dual students offers many plus points, because you recruit the next generation from your own ranks:

  1. High confidence: During a dual study program, you have ample opportunity to get to know your employees thoroughly - and vice versa. If you are then at the end of the study before the decision, which employees you want to take over in a regular employment relationship, you know exactly who you have in front of you.
  2. Short training: With the completion of the study, the employees are already extremely familiar with the work processes and can be used directly.
  3. High motivation: Dual students are often particularly motivated, very performance-oriented and already learn during their studies to organize themselves well in order to score equally in theory and practice.
  4. High success rates, extensive compliance with the standard period of study and a very low dropout rate contribute to the good image of dual studies, according to the Stifterverband.
  5. Experience: Through the alternation of theory and practice, students can directly implement what they have learned and thus also quickly grasp and apply.

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