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University graduates often lack practical relevance - they often have to be prepared for their later tasks and integrated into the company's daily routine at considerable expense in terms of time and money (e.g. via trainee programmes).


NORDAKADEMIE offers you the opportunity to get to know your future employees almost four years earlier. Select the junior staff suitable for your company from a large number of motivated and qualified school leavers, recognise the talents during the practical periods and you gain much greater security when filling future positions than when training external university graduates.


As a "university of the economy", NORDAKADEMIE is directly supported by companies. The shareholders of the non-profit supporting company are well-known companies from Northern Germany as well as the NORDMETALL Verband der Metall- und Elektro-Industrie e.V. (NORDMETALL Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry). Through the Supervisory Board, Annual General Meeting and company advisory board, the NORDAKADEMIE is more closely linked to the economy than probably any other university. This guarantees the topicality and practical relevance of the courses on offer and is the prerequisite for training highly qualified junior staff in line with demand.


Our cooperating companies are convinced that a study duration of six semesters is too short for both practical and theoretical training. That is why NORDAKADEMIE prefers a total duration of seven semesters until the Bachelor's degree. Enough time, therefore, for a sound education in both practice and theory. The last semester in particular is the time in which the dual students have already acquired sufficient qualifications to be able to work actively in the company and to grow systematically into their future profession. This also improves the cost-benefit ratio of a dual study program for the company.

Practical sections in the company (approx. 13 weeks per semester) and theory semesters (10 weeks per semester) alternate in blocks. The bachelor's thesis is based on an operational problem and takes 2 months to complete.

The bachelor's thesis is based on an operational problem and takes 2 months to complete.

In the first semesters, a run through the most important departments of a company is planned; in the later semesters, increasingly independent activities and longer-lasting collaboration in selected specialist departments predominate. Here, it has proven to be optimal to involve the students in projects or to entrust them with substitutions and thus also to give them increasing responsibility.

NORDAKADEMIE offers five dual Bachelor's degree programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science degree:

Business Administration (B.Sc.) - to train business people who can be universally employed in all industries. Fields of specialization: Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Logistics/Operations Management, Marketing and International Management


International Business (B.Sc.) - for the training of junior executives and managers who can be employed primarily in companies with international operations. The business studies are completed in English, a semester abroad is integrated

International Business.

Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.) - for the training of technically and commercially qualified junior staff, e.g. for technical sales, production control/planning or project management


Business Informatics (B.Sc.) - for the training of IT professionals with economic competence. The study program includes information technology subjects (e.g. programming) as well as business subjects (e.g. accounting). In addition, interdisciplinary subjects such as IT organization and project management are taught.

Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.) - to train professional application developers and software technicians. The focus of the degree here is on information technology subjects - from the fundamentals of computer science and programming to software development, usability engineering and IT security. The courses from the field of economics, e.g. general business administration, take up less space.


In-service Master's programmes
. The NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School offers a variety of part-time Master's degree courses and continuing education modules in Hamburg's Dockland, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) for graduates in engineering, law, medicine and other non-economics.

  • Courses of study developed together with the business community
  • .
  • Professors and lecturers with practical experience from the business world
  • .
  • Excellent study conditions
  • Opportunities for specialization through the choice of majors (approximately 20 electives). Five specializations can be chosen in the Business Administration program: Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Logistics/Operations Management, Marketing and International Management
  • .
  • Intensive foreign language training with one to two compulsory languages (English, Spanish or French) and the additionally selectable languages Russian, Japanese and Chinese
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  • Semester abroad: Students can spend the 5th semester at a foreign university. NORDAKADEMIE cooperates with more than 30 partner universities worldwide.
  • Studium Generale for the training of soft skills (more than 250 seminars)
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  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • .
  • Further qualification through part-time master's degree programs at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School possible
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The costs are comparable to those of conventional education. The tuition fees at NORDAKADEMIE are 2,430 euros per student and semester (Business Administration, International Business) or 2,650 euros (Industrial Engineering, Business Information Systems and Applied Computer Science).

From October 2021: Increase in tuition fees 2,650,- Euro (Business Administration, International Business) or 2,900,- Euro (All other dual Bachelor programs).

They also include a training allowance, which is usually covered by collective agreements, and the company's internal training costs. In the last three semesters at the latest, the costs are offset by considerable benefits due to the dual students' active involvement in the company.


NORDAKADEMIE attaches great importance to personal advice, which we offer you at your company or also at our university. We will be happy to explain the process of the dual study programme to you and assist you in drawing up contracts and training plans for the practical part. The members of the company advisory board are also available to answer your questions - education experts from well-known companies who have already been working with NORDAKADEMIE for many years.


Companies that would like to take part in training in conjunction with NORDAKADEMIE will be published in the university's list of available study places. Experience has shown that you can then expect a large number of interesting applications, as the dual study programme at NORDAKADEMIE is extremely popular with qualified school-leavers.

Before applying to the cooperating companies, the applicants have to pass the selection test of the NORDAKADEMIE.

NORDAKADEMIE has systematically expanded its activities in the field of applied research in recent years. Cooperation with companies has proved to be an outstanding feature of the research projects . Research focuses under the motto "With practice for practice" include the topics of realignment of technical service, customer relationship management, process optimization with e-business, improvement of IT project tracking and evaluation of IT investments. Several of these projects are supported with public funds by the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF).

For employees who have a first university degree, the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School (Hamburg location) offers a variety of part-time Master's degreeand continuing education modules, including the Master of Business Administration (MBA) for graduates in engineering, law, medicine, and other non-economics.