"Kurz geschNAKt" - The podcast of the NORDAKADEMIE

Guests on the red sofa at NORDAKADEMIE Board Member Lars Binckebanck are personalities from business, politics and society who give entertaining insights into exciting topics - up close, personal and well-founded.

Why is NORDAKADEMIE doing a podcast?

"Kurz geschNAKt" is moderated by Lars Binckebanck and aims to shed light on topics and issues that affect the university, business, politics and society. Listeners get exclusive insights behind the scenes of the university, learn something about our guests and get short impressions on very different topics. In this way, a varied program is created that sets impulses in the sense of Lifelong Learning.

"At our university, we don't just teach, we also do. The podcast is intended to convey precisely this know-how in an entertaining way."
Prof. Dr. Lars Binckebanck

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In short: What can our listeners expect in season 1?

Season 1 of the NORDAKADEMIE Podcast "Kurz geschNAKt" kicks off with the focus on crisis management. The guests will be various NORDAKADEMIE actors who will talk about their challenges and approaches in dealing with the Corona pandemic at NORDAKADEMIE. How do you actually start afresh in a company when there is no one on site? What is to be done when it is suddenly said overnight: From tomorrow onwards, teaching will only be done digitally? How do you organize a company from the mobile office? And in general: What economic, legal and social consequences do companies and society have to reckon with and what ethical questions arise? We would like to get to the bottom of all these topics and talk about them openly and transparently.


The current episode:




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Episode list

#15 Behind the scenes of university marketing: At the end of the first season, our co-hosts Katharina Petersen and Mirco Wöbcke slip into the guest role themselves and give insights behind the scenes of the marketing team. Today they talk to Lars Binckebanck about why we actually do a podcast, what marketing looks like at NORDAKADEMIE and why university marketing is important.


#14 Marketing and e-commerce - that's what matters!: As a professor of marketing and e-commerce at the university, our guest, Prof. Dr. Michael Fretschner, is very familiar with these topics. In this episode, he tells us why advertising and adtech are not so bad, why Google, Facebook and Co. are hardly imaginable without online marketing and why companies should rely on good omnichannel marketing.


#13 What does Nordmetall actually do?: Is the increased digitization due to the crisis actually an opportunity or an obstacle? What distinguishes great internal communication and good negotiating skills? And why should companies not stop promoting talent and ambitious employees, especially now? Nordmetall CEO Dr. Nico Fickinger and Head of Communications Alexander Luckow answer a wide range of questions on the topics of communication work and promoting young talent.


#12 The training of future specialists and managers: The best young talent comes from within the company. Knut Nicholas Krause, founder of "knk Business Software AG" and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NORDAKADEMIE, is also convinced of this. He explains to us today how small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from the dual study model and train talented people to become competent managers. He also describes how a supervisory board actually works.

#11 Computer Engineering & IT Engineering: The field of computer science is incredibly versatile: one branch is Computer Engineering, the new degree course at NORDAKADEMIE. In this episode, Prof. Dr. Daniel Versick, the head of the course, tells us where the focus lies and what students and companies can gain from it.


#10 Finance: The Foundation of Business: You can't do business without taking a look at finance. But what do financial experts, supervisory boards and auditors actually do in a drastic crisis like now? Prof. Dr. Mirja Steinkamp, finance expert and head of the Master's programme in General Management at NORDAKADEMIE, answers this question.

#9 Artificial Intelligence in Practice: In this episode, Prof. Dr. Nick Gehrke talks to us about both the interfaces of AI and finance and the synergies between ARIC and NORDAKADEMIE. He also describes what AI-interested companies should pay attention to in order to make the integration of this technology human and goal-oriented.


#8 The colorful world of logistics: In times of globalization and digitalization, logistics experts are indispensable in a functioning economy. We talk to Prof. Dr. Frank Fürstenberg about digital trends as well as the ethical and ecological considerations that professionals and consumers have to deal with these days.


#7 Dual study and its (current) challenges: So far, different NORDAKADEMIE stakeholders have been guests, talking about their challenges and approaches to dealing with the Corona pandemic. In another special edition, we now hear a few voices from one of the most important groups on campus, the students themselves. Represented by Elsa Ludorf and Noah Peeters, dual students and representatives of the student parliament.


#6 Statement by the University Management: In this special edition of "Kurz geschNAKt" it's all about the Corona regulations at NORDAKADEMIE. In order to clarify misunderstandings, we talk to board member Christoph Fülscher. In an interview with Lars Binckebanck, he answers frequently asked questions and provides information about the university's decisions to date and future plans.

#5 AI and Digitalization in Healthcare: Alongside the downsides of the crisis, new social and economic opportunities are also emerging. In this episode, we talk to Dr. Henriette Neumeyer. As a physician and independent management consultant, she is an expert on the topic of healthcare management and provides us with interesting insights.


#4 Law: Challenges & Trends in Law: Together with Prof. Dr. Daniel Graewe, Director of Studies and Professor of Business Law at NORDAKADEMIE, we dive into the topic of business law and show you that we are increasingly confronted with legal issues in the course of digitalisation and that legal content has to be anything but dry.


#3 E-Learning: Learning & Teaching in Crisis: In just a few days, various educational institutions had to switch their teaching from face-to-face teaching to online teaching. This express digitisation was no easy undertaking and has abruptly changed the way of studying. We talked to Simon Hachenberg, E-Learning Manager at NORDAKADEMIE, about the biggest challenges during the changeover, the most important lessons learned and the opportunities that arose.

#2 Human Resources Management in the Crisis: Corona is not only turning the economy upside down, it is also presenting HR with new challenges. We talk about these new hurdles with our guests Prof. Dr. Annett Cascorbi, Professor in Human Resources, and Ms. Indra Renzler, HR Manager at NORDAKADEMIE. In particular, we address the topics of mobile office, recruiting and employer branding in times of crisis.

#1 Management in a crisis: Our guest is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kerstin Fink, President of NORDAKADEMIE. Together we will not only talk about crisis management at the university, but also about why it is a challenge to take on a management position, especially in a crisis. In addition, young managers will receive some exciting tips for management tasks in difficult times.

Teaser: Moderated by our board member Lars Binckebanck, we welcome a number of interesting guests. Tune in as we talk about everything to do with business and NORDAKADEMIE itself Students, lecturers, professionals...  everyone gets a chance to speak and brings their own perspective and expertise!

You have a question that has been bothering you for a while, would like some insights on a certain topic or have something exciting to report yourself? Bring it on: We welcome suggestions, topic requests or comments on individual episodes. The best thing to do is email us at podcast@nordakademie.de.