Information on the student departments at NORDAKADEMIE

At NORDAKADEMIE there are various student units in which students can get involved and gain valuable experience.

These include, for example, the International Office, which looks after guest students at NORDAKADEMIE, the Trade Fair Team or the Social Media Marketing Team. NAKkapella is known for its musical qualities. The sports department offers regular sports activities as well as participation in major sporting events. SUN NON-PROFIT CONSULTING e.V. - the student consultancy of the NORDAKADEMIE - is also particularly successful. It is the only one of its kind in Germany that exclusively advises non-profit organisations on a voluntary basis.

These and many other units and projects invite interested students!

More information about the student units can be found here on our website, further information is available via the Intranet portal CIS and the homepages of the individual units, which are maintained directly by the students of NORDAKADEMIE. 

Students who are involved in our student units are not generally covered by accident insurance through the university! In the following overview you will find information and recommendations on accident protection in the units.


Whether la dolce vita in Italy or easy going down under, spending your 5th semester abroad is a unique and great experience in many ways! You don't want to miss this chance?  

Then the International Office is the right place for you! Because we are the contact for questions regarding the semester abroad.

We re looking forward to welcoming you at the International Office information event in November and/or our exchange information evening in January with last semester's returnees. The dates for both events will be announced via circular email.

In addition, we will help anyone interested with


  • Information on the general process and organization of the semester abroad
  • .
  • Experience reports from students
  • Facts about funding opportunities 
  • Further forms and documents in the download area
  • .


The campusbar is a division of the association  "Studentengemeinschaft Nordakademie e.V." and organizes not only the regular parties for our fellow students, but also games and dance evenings and other spontaneous activities on campus, which give students the opportunity to get to know each other outside of lectures, across all courses of study.

You want to join in?

So if you not only want to "celebrate parties", but can also help with the organization of events or even completely new ideas in the club would like to get going, then contact us by e-mail or talk to us! We are looking forward to you!


The cheerleading team of NORDAKADEMIE was founded in 2012 and organizes itself before big sports tournaments that take place at different universities. We thereby not only cheer on the other sports teams of NORDAKADEMIE, but also participate in cheerleading competitions. These competitions consist of choreography with dance and lifting figure elements.
In the past we ve already been able to celebrate some successes, such as two first places at the Champions Trophy 2013 and 2014 in Hamburg and a second place at the Euromasters 2015, the largest sports event for business schools in Europe. Here NAK Cheerleading was able to assert itself against 12 other teams.

We train once or twice a week in Elmshorn. Our coaches try to create even more spectacular stunts and more varied choreographies every time.

The team is a great success.

You want to join?

Whether male or female: If you enjoy dancing, gymnastics, lifting figures and a super team cohesion, this team is just right for you.


The Entrepreneurs Club of the Nordakademie - ECN for short - was founded in 2014 with the idea of strengthening and sharpening the business profile of the Nordakademie.

We aim to provide students with a platform for exchange and discussion on the topics of entrepreneurship, management in small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative business fields. Furthermore, we promote and train the entrepreneurial thinking of our members.

We meet for monthly roundtables where ideas and approaches are discussed and developed. We conduct seminars with a focus on entrepreneurship, some of which are only available to ECN members. We attend trade fairs or events together where we exchange ideas about entrepreneurship, broaden our horizons and network.

You want to join?

If you too are attracted to the idea of entrepreneurship or are simply interested in getting closer to business administration: Write us!


At our regularly held meetings we discuss what possibilities there are to improve the study conditions at NORDAKADEMIE as well as current issues that affect studying. In doing so, we support students with questions about any study matters and pursue the goal of improving study conditions in cooperation with the student parliament and the university management.

For several years the student council has been organizing the mentoring program, adjusting the specially created grade calculator, and initiating additional seminars and elective modules through regular surveys. In these tasks, we are always happy to receive support from new, committed members.

You want to join?

Interested people can contact us by email or just come to the next meeting, the members of the student council are looking forward to it!


The new course of studies "International Business" also needs a student council, we thought, and so in 2019, after the first semester, the new student council was founded. As a student council, we are primarily committed to the establishment of the degree program at the NAC.

One of our main tasks is to improve the study program for future students, this includes the distribution of credit points, seminar offerings, but also the topics that should be addressed more in the individual lectures.


Furthermore, we also attach great importance to a good community and organize, for example, a get-to-know-evening for new IB students and take care of the needs of international students who are accepted into the student and social life at the NAC.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with us, please feel free to contact us!

Just drop us a line at: /


The Student Council Business Informatics was founded at the beginning of 2013 and deals with topics related to the study program Business Informatics. This includes the improvement of the study conditions and the curriculum, the support of students and topic-related projects.

Our current projects include the working group on the future of basic programming education, the integration of the new laboratories and a newly founded working group, which deals with all topics from hardware and software.


You want to join?

To be able to act successfully on these and other topics, every helping hand is gladly seen and always welcome. If you want to get involved with us or would like to make suggestions, feel free to write us an email.


Dear fellow students,

The student council of industrial engineers welcomes you to NORDAKADEMIE. 

To make studying as pleasant as possible for you, we think about the Industrial Engineering course in our regular meetings. Together we look for possibilities to achieve a continuous improvement of the study programme.

Topics such as the restructuring of certain modules, the organisation of tutorials and the redistribution of credit points from the language and technical modules have kept us busy over the last few years. The successes achieved serve the purpose of making the study time more pleasant for all fellow students and creating new opportunities. According to the motto "By students for students". Furthermore, we organize events that are designed to meet the interests of engineers.


In order to implement all of this and continue to help shape studying at NORDAKADEMIE, we need your support. Your interests are our interests and together we can achieve a lot!

You want to join in?

If you are motivated to join and want to get involved with your degree programme, then we invite you to join us. Just visit one of our meetings or write us an email.

If you are motivated to join us, we invite you to do so.

Your student council of industrial engineers


The Financial Network for Excellence - or FINNEX for short - is a non-profit organization that aims to teach interested students about the structure and processes of the world of finance, so that they are able to evaluate current financial events themselves and continuously educate themselves.

To this end, a sound knowledge base on the basic components of the financial world, including investment and trading, should be created. 

To make this possible, the association organizes various events, lectures and trainings on basic, as well as current, topics, which are partly realized by external experts or through internal projects. In addition to financial topics, topics such as networking and personal development are also addressed and deepened.

Of course, the common togetherness must not be neglected, which is why regular get-togethers as well as excursions are part of the FINNEX portfolio.


For many years, NORDAKADEMIE has not only been a place of learning, but also of research.

The engineering garage - by students for students - offers you interesting workshops in which you can learn, for example, how to use 3D printers, program microcontroller modules or how to weld and solder. Furthermore, you can learn how to use the CNC milling machine and the CNC lathe.

With the large scope of the laboratories at NORDAKADEMIE, you are given the framework to tinker creatively and try things out.

In addition to a wide variety of workshops, business administrators, computer scientists and engineers will also tinker with their own projects in the engineering garage. With cross-year support from students, you can quickly find help when you reach your limits.

You want to join in?

We welcome support from all courses of study at NORDAKADEMIE.

Become a member of the engineering garage - we are looking forward to you!

To become a member or if you have any questions, the best way to reach us is by email.


We Merchis equip you with the latest outfits from the Nordakademie Collection. We offer all students and "fans" of NORDAKADEMIE, among other things, the essentials such as hoodies, sweaters, shirts or caps made from certified cotton for a low impact on the environment and strong quality.


The latest standard is promised by our long-term cooperation partners and suppliers. A high wearing comfort and a firm detailed print of our North Academy logos are offered at a top price-performance ratio. We always strive to renew and expand our portfolio with the latest trends and fashion movements.

If you are interested, enthusiastic and in the mood to shop, you can stop by our merchandise online store and get an idea of our product selection.

You want to join in?

Are you interested in participating in the design of the outfits, to implement your crazy ideas, and to realize projects with personal responsibility? To make your first experience with marketing of products, to test your coordination skills and negotiation strengths between the different cooperation partners? Or are you skilled in web design and would like to prove your skills in homepage/logo design?

Then we welcome you to the merchandise team!


The members of the trade fair team plan and organise public appearances of NORDAKADEMIE and represent the university at trade fairs and many other events.

Our aim is to increase awareness of NORDAKADEMIE and to promote the concept of dual studies by being present at national fairs and smaller school fairs. One of our main tasks is to inform potential students about studying at NORDAKADEMIE, to advise them and to inspire them with the idea of NORDAKADEMIE. In addition, we naturally also try to arouse the interest of potential cooperating companies in working together with NORDAKADEMIE.

In addition, the trade fair team is heavily involved in the organisation of the annual Open Day . On this day, more than 50 cooperating companies present themselves on our campus in Elmshorn, many units introduce themselves and there are sample lectures. We students also organize tours of the campus and through the laboratories.


The fair team was founded in 1997 by seven students with the support of Prof. Dr. Thomas Gey. Currently, our team, including leadership, consists of about 60 students. We meet at regular intervals about four times a year and discuss and distribute the tasks and projects that arise. The most important part of the trade fair team's work is the preparation of upcoming trade fairs and the optimisation of our appearance. There are two trade fair stands at NORDAKADEMIE, which can be used depending on the trade fair and the size of the exhibition area and can be individually designed, for example, with different pictures. We always staff our stand with several members of our team.

Over the course of a year, the trade show team visits approximately 25 trade shows. Most of the trade fairs at which we are represented take place in the north of Germany. In the meantime, however, we are also involved nationwide at the Einstieg trade fairs in Berlin and Cologne. Other important and large trade fairs are the Beruf & Bildung in Hanover, the Horizon fairs in Bremen and Münster and the IT & Technik and the Stuzubi in Hamburg.

The tasks are varied and diverse. You work with a lot of people both in the project team and at the trade fairs and can get creatively involved. We are always happy to welcome new students who would like to support us in our work, and of course every visitor to our stand.


As the band of the NORDAKADEMIE, appropriately NAKkord, we provide a good atmosphere and musical background at events of the university. Just like our musical style, from rock and pop to jazz, our line-up is diverse. The classical instruments like guitar, piano and drums are represented as well as the more exotic flute, the saxophone and the double bass.

You want to join in?

If you are curious and want to join us for music, good vibes and creative sessions, just visit us at rehearsals or contact us via email. We are looking forward to you!


The NORDAKADEMIE is danceable!

Even for anyone who does not come from the Waldorf School and therefore has no idea about letter dance. We focus on the fun of dancing standard and Latin dances. It doesn't matter if you are dyslexic or a ballroom dancer, here everyone can learn or improve his or her dancing skills. The whole thing in a relaxed atmosphere, in which everyone can help the other.

Depending on the composition of the group, our dance instructors change the schedule to fit individual needs.

Just drop by and let the dance fever infect you!


Post, share, like - the Social Media Department is primarily responsible for NORDAKADEMIE's Facebook presence. We offer a page by students for students or those interested in studying. In addition to the classic news about university events and general topics about studying, we, the students who fill the campus with life, should not miss out. Be it the summer festival, our semester abroad or the basketball tournament, we will keep you up to date on all that.

We are given a lot of freedom, so we can try out many topics and we are open for suggestions and crazy ideas. We can build on these experiences in our next postings.


The seminar team is the student support of the seminar system. We ensure that everything runs smoothly at the seminar weekends, where we are available as contact persons for the lecturers. Furthermore we take care of the room service and the material supply. The seminar team is coordinated by Andrea Muhl.

You want to join us?

We are always happy about supporters, so we can distribute the tasks on several shoulders.


Studying at NORDAKADEMIE goes beyond the curriculum! Sport and fun are and should be fixed components of campus life at the Nordakademie. Every student has the opportunity to get involved according to his or her interests and to expand the university's range of leisure and sports activities. The offer is coordinated by the sports department!

In addition to planning the hall times during the week, which include fitness and football, we also take care of the organization of various activities. The poker tournament, the Hamburg Marathon or the blood donation are just a few examples of activities that have already taken place! 

Every year we NAK athletes also take part in big sports tournaments like the Champions Trophy in Hamburg, the Royals Cup in Maastricht as well as the Euromasters near Koblenz, where we compete with other universities from Europe and represent the NORDAKADEMIE with united forces and loudly.

You want to participate?

Do you have ideas, want to present your favourite sport or want to support the organisation of different events? Then you are right with us, get in touch with pleasure by e-mail.


You want to do voluntary work alongside your studies? STUDENTEN pro vita carries out project-related social actions. We collect ideas, listen to where support is needed, and get involved.

To give you an idea of what we do, here are some examples of our different activities:

  • Craft activity at the old people's home at Easter
  • .
  • Planting a container village for refugees
  • .
  • Waffle and cocktail sale at open house
  • Donation collections 
  • Pledge drive in the dining hall

You want to join in?

We can use all the support we can get.
You already have ideas for an action? In the team you will find more comrades-in-arms for your project.

The department belongs, just like the campusbar, to the registered association Studentengemeinschaft der NORDAKADEMIE e.V.


With the department Nordakademiker, students already actively participate in their alumni work and benefit from the added values that result from the network Nordakademiker e.V. . To this end, the unit works closely with the official alumni organisation Nordakademiker e.V. and provides support in strategic and operational matters. The common goal is to set the impulses in the alumni work, to support the students in their advancement as well as to build up a network with the alumni. The head of the unit attends the monthly board meetings and keeps the alumni board informed about the students' concerns. From this, the department develops concepts for lectures, benefits and company visits together and in close coordination with the alumni organization. The patron of the department is Prof. Dr. Daniel Graewe. The prerequisite for involvement in the department is that interested students must be members of Nordakademiker e.V.


Alumni-Organisation Nordakademiker e.V.

The Nordakademiker e.V. was founded in 1993 and is the official alumni organization of the NORDAKADEMIE. The association has around 3,000 members (as of October 2017) - with exceptional personalities and a concentrated potential of professional and personal knowledge. From students to young professionals and seniors in well-known and international companies, all career stages are represented. In contrast to other alumni associations, the Nordakademiker e.V. works holistically and thus students can already join.

Through the unit, the honorary alumni board strengthens its link with the students of NORDAKADEMIE. Students are the alumni of tomorrow and so it makes sense to establish links between the alumni association and students early on.


SUN NON-PROFIT CONSULTING e.V. is the student consultancy of the NORDAKADEMIE. In contrast to conventional consulting firms, true to our motto "You help people, we help you!" we exclusively advise non-profit organisations free of charge. Among our clients are large care institutions, institutions supporting people living on the fringes of society, as well as sports clubs or nationally active non-profit organisations.


SUN has been in existence since 2001, has successfully implemented more than 70 projects in the last 15 years of its existence and is particularly well known in the Hamburg area.

The association is managed by a three-member board, which takes care of the acquisition of new consulting projects and partnerships, the administration of the association's affairs and public relations. The substantive work of the consulting projects is carried out in teams of three to five members and lasts on average two to three months.

You want to join in?


Why SUN?

Because SUN offers possibilities!

As a student consultant, you will have the opportunity to gain independent experience in consulting projects and to implement your own ideas. With your experience from the training company and the specialist knowledge from the lectures, you solve the problems of our customers together with other students. After participating in a project, you can lead consulting projects yourself or help to shape internal processes.

Because SUN makes a difference!

With your involvement, you'll help make volunteer work better and more effective. Non-profit organizations, such as nursing homes or social services, benefit from your ideas.

Because SUN connects!

We offer you exchange of experiences with older cohorts of NORDAKADEMIE as well as with former members of the association who are working in the consulting industry. In addition, we are a member of the JCNetwork, one of the two nationwide umbrella associations for student consultancies. There you have the chance to take part in training weekends twice a year and make contacts all over Germany.


Because SUN educates!

After participating in several trainings from different topics at the JCNetwork-Days you can have your efforts confirmed as a Certified Junior Consultant (CJC). In addition, our workshop weekend with changing topics takes place once a year.