Study part-time: Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA program prepares you in the traditional way for management tasks in global business. #Management tasks #Leadership position #Internationality

Why should you choose the MBA?

Impressive success stories of graduates of the program prove: The practice-oriented MBA program is a career turbo. Non-economists (engineers, natural scientists, lawyers, computer scientists, etc.) and economists with at least one year of professional experience acquire economic know-how with international relevance in this program for advancement to higher management.


To meet the high standards of practical relevance and topicality, you will be taught by renowned, internationally recognized and acting experts. You can find an overview of our international lecturers in the category "Lecturers".

In order to meet the high standards of practical relevance and topicality, you will be taught by renowned international experts.

Study part-time: Business Administration (MBA)

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Study duration


Two years part-time

Start of study

April 1 and October 1



NORDAKADEMIE is system accredited by FIBAA. The study programme has been internally accredited and has received the seal of the Accreditation Council for programme accreditation.

Special programmes

For applicants who are not currently in employment, there is an opportunity to apply for jobs that combine part-time study with employment through the Jobs for Master's program.


We would be delighted if you would like to apply to study for a Master's degree with us.

The application and selection process at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School is as follows:

  1. Online application
  2. Potential test: knowledge test, personality test
  3. .
  4. Selection interview and English test
  5. Contracting

We attach great importance to good advice and support and are happy for you to ask us your questions. We also take a lot of time for you in the selection process. Our multi-stage selection process has proven itself over the years and is a major contributor to the well above-average success rates in our degree programs.

We are happy to be at your disposal for a personal interview on site, by phone or by e-mail.

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Admission Requirements


The prerequisite for admission is a nationally state-recognized university degree from a domestic or foreign university. To participate in the MBA program, you also need at least one year of qualified work experience(after your first academic degree). These practical periods must have been gained after your first university degree, i.e. practical periods from dual courses of study unfortunately do not satisfy this requirement. Admission to the study programme is granted to those who fulfil the formal requirements and successfully pass the selection procedure.


A total of 300 credits is required for the Master's degree, which also includes the right to award a doctorate. Since the Master's programme comprises only 90 credits, applicants who bring the equivalent of fewer than 210 credits from their first degree must make up the missing credits before graduating with a Master's degree. In this case, admission is only granted on the condition that the missing credits are proven before graduation from the Master's programme.


A special feature of the MBA programme at NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences is the large number of renowned lecturers from all over the world who will teach you in the respective disciplines. Here you will get an overview of the lecturers, their home universities as well as the subject-related background.


Prof. Dr. Andres Bello, MBA, MAcc

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

E-Mail schreiben

Dr. Alistair Benson

Manchester Business School

E-Mail schreiben

Prof. Dr. Paulo Gomes

Florida International University

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Prof. Dr. Konstantin Kostin

Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia), University of North Florida

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Fred Ludolph

GOLDEX Handels- und Consulting GmbH

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Prof. Bob Ryan

Manchester Business School, University of Gloucestershire

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  • Study course: self-study and attendance phases coordinated and alternating
  • .
  • 17 modules/present phases of 2.5 - 3 days each in small groups in Dockland
  • .
  • Self-study before each module, which is supported via electronic media and literature provided (blended learning concept)
  • Supervision by the Study Office Hamburg and practically experienced, international lecturers in person and online
  • .
  • Instruction in German and English

Further information on the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School Hamburg


  • Practically relevant course content developed with business
  • .
  • Comprehensive elective offerings in Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Logistics and Process Management, and General Management
  • .
  • Participation option inInternational Week IPADE Business School, USA, China or Russia
  • .
  • Three-month interdisciplinary practical project(optional)
  • Four-month master's thesis

Tuition fees are 17,500 euros for the MBA program. This includes:  

  • All face-to-face lectures
  • .
  • Teaching materials (textbooks, lecture notes, etc.)
  • Exam fees
  • Online support
  • Participation opportunity in the International Weeks (Mexico City, China, Russia, USA) (local travel and accommodation expenses excluded)
  • .

As a rule, the costs and fees you incur in connection with the course of study are fully tax deductible 


The fees will be invoiced either in one sum at the start of the course or in four instalments of 4,375 euros each every six months, with the first instalment due no later than four weeks before the start of the course.

As a rule, you will receive the first study materials four to six weeks before your first lecture. At the beginning of your studies, you will then also receive your student ID card.

If it is not possible to complete your studies in the standard period of study due to your personal or professional situation, an extension of eight months is possible free of charge.

Another tip: When comparing the tuition fees of private universities, you should also pay attention to sometimes "hidden" costs (e.g. for enrolment, exams or study time extension). If providers do not disclose the fees or only inform you about them after you have been entered in a list of prospective students, you will often be charged above-average fees.

Since the Master's programmes at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School comprise a total of 90 credit points, a Bachelor's degree with 180 credit points still requires 30 credit points to be made up before graduation. This can be done before, during or after the standard period of study in the Master's programme.

Missing credits can be acquired at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School by


  • up to two theses (10 credits each)
  • .
  • Successful completion of continuing education modules(5 credits each)
  • .
  • Successfully completing the certificate courses (30 credits each)

Go to the overview of continuing education offerings and certificate courses



Topics for assignments are suggested by the student and agreed with the examiner by submission of a synopsis. Topics for which prior knowledge is available, e.g. from  professional practice or from further education modules, are suitable for this purpose. A term paper can also be started before the actual Master's programme begins. However, the prerequisite is admission to the Master's programme and payment of the first tuition fee. After receipt of payment you will receive your EDP access data. The fee for the term paper is a flat rate of 490 euros. This is due with the confirmation of the topic.


Further education modules

The attendance of the further education modules is also possible after admission to the Master's programme or after receipt of payment of the first tuition fee. The continuing education modules can also be completed - like homework - before the start of the actual Master's programme. The fee is 490 Euro per module (special price for enrolled Master students, otherwise 790 Euro per module). Successful participation is confirmed with a certificate.

Expand your professional profile and your intercultural competence and complement the compulsory courses of the NORDAKADEMIE Master's programme with an excursion to China, Russia, Mexico or the USA!


In the following overview you will find all statutes and examination regulations of the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences:

The NORDAKADEMIE statutes at a glance

You still have questions about the part-time study and continuing education programs?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about part-time study

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the MBA program


Modules and dates

An overview of the compulsory and elective modules to be taken as well as the course of study of the part-time Master's programme in Business Administration.