Research Philosophy

The mission statement of the NORDAKADEMIE describes a vision of carrying out research for the economy whilst centering around our students. Building on the mission statement, research output is seen as service for our customers.

The research potential of the NORDAKADEMIE is its focus on economic and technical disciplines as well as on application orientation, all of which create excellent conditions for (interdisciplinary) research.

Based on these principles, we would like to achieve the following goals:

Research for teaching:

  • creating a scientific basis for the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes,
  • having a scientific qualification as the educational goal for students,
  • ensuring that the degree courses remain relevant and up to date in the fields of industry and science.

Research for business:

  • creating new knowledge and findings for business (e.g. to be used in our partner companies).

Participating in the scientific community:

  • securing research transfer by means of  publications and contributing to conferences and working groups.


Prof. Dr. habil. Stefan Behringer
Executive board
Telephone: 04121 4090-201

Eline Joosten
Research assistant
Telephone: 04121 4090-599