Prof. John Crawford Howell, MIM

University of Washington


He has got a teaching assignment for "Intercultural Management in Asia" at NORDAKADEMIE. Using a framework of cultural navigational tools, the course has a large focus on China, but also covers India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. An added course component deals with Americans and their approach to business domestically and internationally. Business ethics will also be presented.

He has been a guest lecturer at Cornwell University on "Hotel Industry Best Practices", at Seattle Pacific University on "Cross-Cultural and Legal Issues involving Social Ventures", and in Washington D.C. on "Cross-Cultural Communications".

Professor Howell has held executive management positions in global hotel, banking, and manufacturing enterprises. His more then 35 year portfolio of international business experience reflects living, working, and traveling to more than 60 countries. He uses his background to help educate a new generation of global thinkers.

Currently, he is in South East Asia researching the Galleon trade between China, the Philippines and Spain. His findings will be incorporated in his forthcoming book, "Navigating the Cultural Seas Without Sailing off the Edge" (Smart Business in a Flat World).

Mr. Howell graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel Administration from Washington State University, holds a Masters Degree, With Distinction, in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and is a graduate, With Honors, of the Pacific Coast Banking School.

He served to the rank of Captain in the United States Marine Corps and is a decorated Viet Nam War veteran.

Professor Howell resides with his wife, Aleli, in the San Juan Islands northwest of Seattle.