Prof. Dr. Thomas Grisham

Swiss Management Center University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University


Dr. Grisham offers an elective class for MBA’s titled "Conflict Management" at the NORDAKADEMIE. This course examines the origins of conflict in a globalized world ranging from interpersonal to societal cultures. In global organizations there are numerous opportunities for conflict to arise, and this course will present the view that conflict can actually be approached as an opportunity. Topics include the types of conflicts that organizations, and those who work within them, are likely to encounter, the importance of relationships, how to prepare for a negotiation, and a number of exercises. The class is highly interactive by design, with groups and individuals challenged to explain how theory might be applied in practice, and of course how they might use the knowledge in their work. At the end of the course, teams will be required to prepare a presentation for a case study, and students will be evaluated individually for their performance.

Dr. Grisham has over 40 years of business experience in 75 countries gained on projects across a variety of business models and sectors including medical, infrastructure, transportation, commercial, communications, finance, consulting, utilities, manufacturing, business development, and more. He has expat experience in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, and Hong Kong, with part time in India, Spain, Switzerland, Ghana, Eritrea, and the UK. His first assignment was for the Golden Gate Bridge, and his last full time assignment was to run a company in Japan. He has run his own consulting company since 1987.

In addition, Dr. Grisham is a licensed Professional Engineer, a Project Management Professional, and an Arbitrator panel member for the American Arbitration Association, and for the International Center for Dispute Resolution. He also is a member of the Good Judgment Project, which forecasts world events, and has Daniel Kahneman as one of the board members.

Dr. Grisham has done public speaking in China, Finland, Trinidad, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Russia. He also does speaking on cruise ships to educate travelers about the cultures and countries that are on the itinerary. Thus far the countries include Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Cyprus, Israel, and Turkey.