Informatikforum an der NORDAKADEMIE

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir freuen uns, Ihnen im Rahmen unseres Informatikforums wieder einen interessanten Vortrag anbieten zu können. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen am 30.11.2022 ab 17:15 Uhr im Audimax am Campus in Elmshorn teilzunehmen.

30. November 2022

17:15 Uhr


Es spricht Herr Prof. Dr. Stefan Schiffner von der BHH zum Thema: 

On the difficulty of location privacy in vehicular communication to road side equipment and proximity tracing 

In an ever more mobile world with ubiquitous computing power both in the hand of mobile users and installed at road sides or in public buildings, there is a need for services to adapt to the location of their users, i.e., they turn into location based services. As handy as such services might be at a first glance, they carry inherent privacy risks: the mere information where a user currently is might hint what they are up to, and a few data points where a user was might uniquely identify them.

This leads to the desire of privacy friendly location based services. But, such services might be hard to provide. In this talk we present past and recent results attacking privacy enhanced location based services. Such attacks help to understand the nature of location privacy and shall lead to better, more privacy friendly services. 

Der Vortrag findet auf Deutsch statt und ist kostenfrei.