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"At the beginning of every research is the amazement
...suddenly you notice something!"

Wolfgang Wickler (zoologist, behaviorist, publicist)

NORDAKADEMIE works on diverse research foci, cooperating with companies and other universities. According to the principle of "research with the economy for the economy", relevant and current economic topics are explored together with the students at the center. Digitization and networked working are not just buzzwords, but also focal points of research. Environmental protection and sustainability are permanent fixtures in NORDAKADEMIE's mindset. In cooperation projects, we ensure the transfer of knowledge to companies.

Please note, that you will be redirected to our German Webseite, as for studying at NORDAKADEMIE, a C1 level in German is required.

Partner company

of "Jugend forscht"

As a sponsoring company, NORDAKADEMIE is pleased to host the regional competitions "Schüler experimentieren" and "Jugend forscht". We are proud to work with "Jugend forscht" to promote talent in the STEM field and support the journey into research and science for the students.

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