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Dual study program of Business Administration (B.Sc.)

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Business administrators are in high-demand in practically every area of the economy - and therefore have broad career opportunities. NORDAKADEMIE prepares you with a generalist education and targeted specializations both for universal use in the company and for specialization - e.g. in the digital economy. 



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Start of study

Usually on October 1 of the respective year

Duration of study

7 semesters regularly


Bachelor of Science with 210 ECTS credits


13 weeks per term at the partner company, 10 weeks per term at NORDAKADEMIE


Study general business administration or choose one of 6 possible specializations

Tuition fee

Paid by the partner company during the standard period of study

Up to


free bachelor and master study places per year

More than


 bachelor's graduates annually



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Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Study information

The dual study program "Business Administration" at NORDAKADEMIE offers a comprehensive, hands-on and all-round qualification. For companies, you are a sought-after junior employee for the most diverse tasks in all mercantile functions.

Your curriculum includes:

  • Economics - including the option of taking part of the compulsory modules in English
  • Areas of integration
  • Elective subjetcs – including the option to choose an area of specialization
  • General Studies courses
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Transfer modules

In addition to central economic know-how, you will build up methodological competence in mathematics for the preparation of commercial decisions within the framework of the integration areas. You will also gain the necessary knowledge for the integrative use of information technology. Last but not least, you will acquire important expertise in the areas of law relevant to business.

Customized specialization

By choosing a major, you can specialize in one area. This includes

  • Finance and accounting
  • Retail Management/E-Commerce
  • Human Ressource Management
  • International Management
  • Logistic/Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Psychology

Please note that the curriculum is in German, as a C1 level is required to study at NORDAKADEMIE.

Get an overview of the contents of the semesters here:

Subject to change without notice. The current examination regulations apply.



By choosing a major, you can specialize in one area. These include:

Or you may study Business Administration without a major and thus qualify yourself either "on the job" or for the master's program "General Management".

As a graduate of a dual Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration at NORDAKADEMIE, you will have access to a wide range of fields of application.

Following industries are looking for well-trained professionals like you:

  • Digital Economy
  • Industry
  • Service
  • Trade
  • Insurance
  • Banks
  • Public service
  • Associations and foundations

Thanks to your dual training, you will be able to take on scheduling responsibility within a short period of time and design complex business processes more efficiently.

For example, in these areas:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Product Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Organzsation
  • Human Resources
  • Materials management and logistics
  • Project Management

Good to know:

By choosing your training company, you can already determine the direction in which you would like to go. In addition, various elective courses during your studies give you the opportunity to set an individual focus and specialize in a particular field.


Your future starts now:

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