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Full update for marketing professionals

Part-time study program of Digital Marketing Management (M.Sc.)

Starting October 2023

Know-how for cross-industry management tasks

Digital marketing managers with a degree from NORDAKADEMIE are highly demanded across all industries: current surveys show that a Master's degree is more often expected when it comes to filling management positions in the digital economy. From October 2023, NORDAKADEMIE will be training these sought-after experts, opening up excellent career prospects for them - both at rising start-ups as well as in internationally operating large corporations. 

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Start of study

Usually on April 1 and October 1 of the respective year

Duration of study

24 months part-time in 3 study sections


Blended Learning: 

  • 12 modules/on-site phases of 2.5 days each in small groups in Hamburg
  • Self-study via online learning platform and literature before each class
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Supervision provided by the Study Office Hamburg and lecturers with practical experience, in person and online


Master of Science (M. Sc.) degree with doctorate entitlement and admission to higher civil service

Tuition fee

Please refer to the current fee schedule. The fees already include all study materials and examination fees. 

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Digital Marketing Management (M.Sc.)

Study information

Your part-time Master's program Digital Marketing Management at NORDAKADEMIE includes practice-relevant content that was co-developed with the business community and includes a three-month, interdisciplinary practical project. 

The completely new degree program imparts technical, methodological and management-oriented competencies in the field of digital marketing and sales. In line with the four megatrends in business, the course is digital, sustainable, data-driven and innovative.

Our students learn

  • to successfully design the digital marketing mix as well as to select (digital) instruments from the areas of pricing, product communication and e-commerce.
  • to profitably use the interplay between artificial intelligence and creativity in marketing.
  • select and design digital marketing measures in such a way that they meet the legal and customer requirements for sustainable corporate management and green marketing.
  • evaluate new technologies from the field of artificial intelligence such as affective computing, voice, robotics, virtual and augmented reality with regard to their use in digital marketing.
  • evaluate concepts of the digital economy, the evolution of the e-commerce market and the value chain in Digital Marketing.
  • analyze key digital business models, identify their revenue streams, and develop their own digital innovation strategies.
  • strategically plan how companies can combine profit and purpose in such a way that they do not represent opposites but complement each other.
  • lead employees in such a way that they not only accept the change processes of digitization, but grow with them.
  • apply data mining methods, business intelligence dashboards and web analytics tools in a targeted manner.
  • independently select suitable data-driven, innovative and sustainable methods of digital marketing and apply them in a well-founded manner to new issues from research and practice. 

The Master's program consists of basic, compulsory and elective modules. These include:

Basic modules

  • Sustainable business management
  • Digital Innovation Strategy
  • Digital Business Development
  • Scientific work & ethics
Compulsory modules
  • Green Marketing
  • Data Science for Marketers
  • Strategic Online Marketing
  • Strategy, Leadership and Change Management
  • Marketing und E-Commerce
  • Artificial Intelligence and Creativity in Marketing

Elective modules, for example:

  • Sustainability Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Negotiation
  • Digital business models

Another benefit: You can take part in an international study trip to India, South Africa or China. 

It takes 5 months to complete the master's thesis.

Your Master's degree program is blended learning with classroom sessions and self-study phases. The NORDAKADEMIE  provides you with all learning materials online and offline and also supervises you personally.

Four to six weeks before your first lecture, you will receive access to the first study materials. At the beginning of your studies, you will also receive your student ID card.

Consistent study groups enable you to have an intensive exchange and excellent cooperation. In the Master's project, you will also work together in interdisciplinary teams. All modules follow one another in time with subsequent examinations. This means that you only have to prepare for one exam at a time.

If, due to your personal or professional situation, it is not possible for you to complete your studies in the standard period of study, you can extend your study period by eight months free of charge.

Our recommendation: When comparing the tuition fees of private universities, you should always look out for "hidden" costs, e.g. for enrollment, exams or study time extensions. If providers do not disclose these fees or only inform you about them after you have been entered in a list of prospective students, you will often be charged above-average fees.

With a degree from NORDAKADEMIE in Digital Marketing Management, you are ideally prepared for the fact that more and more purchasing decisions are being made online and traditional tasks and work processes are becoming increasingly integrated, automated and digitalized. As an Expert:in, you are in demand worldwide at companies of all types and sizes - from start-ups and Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs) to medium-sized businesses and large corporations. 

Thanks to your extensive expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce, data analytics and digital business models, you can take on leadership positions in all industries. But you can also become a specialist in areas such as business intelligence or web analytics management - thanks to your digital strategy and data mining expertise. And you are also highly in demand in creative and media agencies.

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