doctoral program

at NORDAKADEMIE Hochschule der Wirtschaft

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doctoral program

at NORDAKADEMIE Hochschule der Wirtschaft

Link scientific research with practical expertise!

Unfortunately, no further doctoral projects are currently being accepted. As soon as capacities for additional doctoral topics are available again, you will find the corresponding information here.

Doctorate at NORDAKADEMIE 

Application-oriented research is highly valued at NORDAKADEMIE, as evidenced by numerous research projects, many of which are carried out in close cooperation with practitioners. The NORDAKADEMIE sees itself as a university of applied sciences with a strong research base, offering excellent research conditions. The results are reflected in numerous national and international publications. 

On this basis, the range of courses offered by the NORDAKADEMIE will be expanded to include a part-time doctoral programme, in which individual service and excellent study conditions will also be the determining guidelines. 

The supervision of the doctoral candidates will be carried out by university lecturers from NORDAKADEMIE, with the peer review being carried out by professors from selected national and international universities. 

(Subject to change. Status: January 2019)

During a dissertation, you deal with a topic in particular detail and persistently. To ensure that you are still interested in the topic after two years and can continue to work on your thesis after hours, it is particularly important to us that you find your own doctoral topic.

As a private, business-supported university, application-oriented, business-related research is a matter of concern to us.

The doctoral programme has a focus on economics. Research on the following topics can be supervised here: 

  • Marketing
  • Strategic management
  • Innovation management
  • Human resource management
  • Business valuation
  • Psychometric Text Analysis

Due to the cooperation with different universities, it is possible to complete a PhD in German or in English. Please contact us with your topic proposal for consideration. 

The total duration of the doctoral programme can be arranged individually and ranges from four to six years. After a successful submission, you will receive a doctoral degree recognised in Germany (e.g. Phd in Sopron). 

The PhD program at NORDAKADEMIE provides for the following components: 

Structured modules in scientific research:

The PhD program offers three modules in scientific work as basic tools for PhD students. The modules take place at the NORDAKADEMIE Campus Hamburg.

Like the Master modules, the modules will have a large proportion of self-study and a 2.5-day attendance block, so that they can be easily completed while working. 

Colloquia - Exchange with each other:

In order to exchange ideas with other doctoral students and to put one's own doctoral concept to the test in a cooperative atmosphere, a colloquium is held once a year at the NORDAKADEMIE and once at the partner university, each under the supervision of an experienced lecturer.

Competencies in teaching and research:

Presenting one's own research results and assessing other people's work are competencies that every researcher should acquire. Therefore, the acquisition of these competencies is also part of the doctoral program.

Participation in scientific conferences, but also the review of other papers (e.g. bachelor theses) are opportunities to shed light on one's own topic in a different way.

Teaching courses and supervising bachelor theses at NORDAKADEMIE are credited towards tuition fees.  

Individual supervision:

Each PhD is individually supervised by at least one NORDAKADEMIE university lecturer. In addition, supervision is provided by a professor from the partner university. The NORDAKADEMIE supervisor is available as a coach for content-related, methodological and formal questions.

The proven NORDAKADEMIE concept of comprehensive supervision also characterizes our approach to doctoral supervision.

The tuition fees are 5000 euros per year. This includes: 

  • the classroom lectures at NORDAKADEMIE and at the partner universities (excluding travel expenses)
  • fees of the partner universities
  • Examination fees
  • Online/offline supervision

There is the option to reduce the tuition fees by supervising courses and theses or by own publications.

Unfortunately, no further doctoral projects are currently being accepted. As soon as capacities for additional doctoral topics are available again, you will find corresponding information here.

For an application to the doctoral program, the following is then required:

  • a letter of motivation,
  • a synopsis (more information regarding this can be obtained for Twente here and for all others here),
  • a copy of your Bachelor's and Master's degree certificates (or similar),
  • a scientific paper submitted by you (e.g. master thesis, or similar),
  • and a curriculum vitae.

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