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A part-time study program at NORDAKADEMIE convinces with practice-oriented master projects, cross-study modules and the latest didactic methods. Always up-to-date content makes it easier for you to face the growing digital challenges. And best of all, it's also cheaper than many other providers.

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Practical relevance:

All master's programs at NORDAKADEMIE are optimized for the digital transformation of the economy. The aligned master's projects originate from actual practice - for more experience right from the start.
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Career prospects:

The master's degree programs at the Nordakademie are aligned with the in-demand job profiles of the economy. And if you don't have a job for your master's degree yet, you'll find what you're looking for in our Jobs for Master exchange.


Studying at NORDAKADEMIE is more affordable than at many other providers. The reason: Our non-profit institution, supported by renowned companies, invests in eduaction instead of dividends.

On the job:

Either continue to work full time or reduce to 80%, for example.

Attendance periods:

Keep appointments at NORDAKADEMIE, e.g. via educational or special leave

Our Master's degree programs


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Business Informatics
IT Management

As a graduate of this master's program, you will be optimally prepared to take on demanding management tasks in the IT environment in the future.
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Applied Data Science

The ideal combination of mathematics, statistics and information technology with management and communication - for everyone who wants to face the digital transformation.
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Financial Management & Accounting

This skillset will prepare you for finance and controlling. With a focus on "Digital Finance", you will become a digital enabler in finance and accounting.
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General Management

This study program prepares business people for senior management or for founding a new business. It is aimed at business administration graduates and B.A. business economists.
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HR Management & Business Psychology

This study program focuses on business aspects as well as the extrinsic and intrinsic motivating factors that drive people.
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Industrial Engineering

At the interface between commercial business management and production, you can now sharpen your personal profile even further with a wide range of digital elective modules and position yourself optimally for Industry 4.0.
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Digital Marketing Management

Become a digital marketing executive! This new degree program was developed together with experts from marketing science and practice and offers relevant and contemporary content that will qualify you as a digital marketing executive.
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Master of Business Administration

Starting October 2023

This degree program enables junior managers to perform management tasks in a professionally competent, economically successful and socially responsible manner in an economy characterized by internationalization.

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Jobs for Master

The recruitment exchange

You want to do your Master's degree but don't have the right job yet? Jobs for Master takes you further: We connect you with companies that are looking for suitable candidates for open positions or want to attract high potentials. Our renowned partners, some of whom operate worldwide, are constantly posting new attractive offers with us. Best prospects for you!

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