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Part-time Master's degree programs


Frequently asked questions

about the part-time Master's program

What does it mean to study part-time?
What are the advantages of a part-time Master's program at NORDAKADEMIE?
What degrees can be acquired?
Do I necessarily need an employer to start the part-time master's program?
What admission requirements do I need to bring along?
Where can I apply and can I also submit my application by e-mail?
When can I start to apply?
Is there an application deadline?
What is the likelihood of a successful application?
Can I have my Bachelor's degree certificate authenticated at NORDAKADEMIE?
Is it possible to get to know the lecturers and those responsible personally before registering for the Master's program?
Can I apply even if my bachelor's degree certificate is not yet available?
Do I have to reduce my working hours during the part-time Master's program?
How much of a burden does part-time study place on you?
Does the Master's degree at NORDAKADEMIE qualify me for a PhD?
Is there a continuing education program at NORDAKADEMIE?
How much does it cost to study?
Why is the program less expensive than many other master's degree providers?
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