International Weeks

Optional study trips to China, India, the USA and Europe for Master's students and alumni

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The International Weeks are an exciting opportunity for Master's students to discover the world and gain new cultural and professional insights. These trips consist of three main components that allow participants to immerse themselves in the culture and life of the respective country:

  • Academic program (company visits and lectures): Gain exclusive insights into local companies, benefit from inspiring lectures on current topics and expand your professional network.
  • Culture (sights and traditions): Experience the fascinating history, explore the rich traditions and discover the country's special features.
  • Country and people: Meet the locals, immerse yourself in everyday life and experience the hospitality and warmth of the people.

Currently available destinations are India (in March in odd-numbered years) and China (in October in even-numbered years). New destinations are also planned, including Europe (in May in even years, for the first time in 2026) and the USA (in September in odd years, for the first time in 2025). Immerse yourself in these unique experiences and broaden your horizons!

The trips are generally subject to change, depending on international travel guidelines, participation numbers and current university guidelines.

Important: You can apply for educational leave and the trips are tax-deductible as study trips.

Duration: usually ten days (two weekends and the week in between plus arrival and departure).

Costs: Please contact Tabea Rohm for more information.

Who can participate? All Master's students and alumni of the Master's program.

Selection procedure: There is no selection procedure.

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