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Innovation Management

Optional focus in Business Administration & Informatics

The focus on promoting innovation and strategic corporate development

Innovation Management at NORDAKADEMIE is designed for students of Business Administration and Business Informatics who wish to be at the intersection of technological innovations and business excellence.

From a business perspective, the term innovation refers to the development, introduction, and successful implementation of new products, services, processes, or technologies that offer significant improvements over the status quo.

Innovations are crucial for companies to remain competitive in dynamic markets, efficiently meet customer demand, and seize new market opportunities. Innovation encompasses not only technological developments but also new business models, organizational structures, or marketing strategies that ensure long-term business success.

The focus of the Innovation Management concentration is on imparting key competencies to generate, evaluate, and successfully introduce innovative ideas to the market. Through a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, students are prepared to drive change across various industries and promote growth through innovative solutions.








Start of study

Usually on October 1 of the respective year

Duration of study

7 semesters regularly


Bachelor of Science in the chosen degree with focus in Innovation Management / total 210 ECTS credits


13 weeks per term at the partner company, 10 weeks per term at NORDAKADEMIE

Tuition fee

Paid by the partner company during the standard period of study

Innovation Management

Information about the focus

Studying the Focus Area of Innovation Management – What Does It Mean?

Innovation Management is the process of planning, controlling, and implementing new ideas, products, or methods within an organization. Its goal is to ensure the long-term success and competitiveness of a company through creative solutions and the promotion of innovations.

In the fourth semester, the focus is on Innovation Management, where students learn how to effectively manage and promote innovations.

The fifth semester is dedicated to Creativity and Idea Management, where students learn various techniques and tools to foster creativity and systematically develop and implement innovative ideas.

In the sixth semester, selected Aspects of Innovation Management are covered, including strategies for sustainable innovation and the role of technology in the innovation process.

This is followed by an in-depth look at Agility and Innovation in the seventh semester, emphasizing the importance of flexible working methods and creative thinking.

Additionally, students in this focus area write their bachelor's thesis in the field of Innovation Management.

Overview of the focus area modules:

4th Sem.: Innovation Management

5th Sem.: Creativity and Idea Management

6th Sem.: Selected Aspects of Innovation Management

7th Sem.: Agility and Innovation

Graduates who chose Innovation Management as their focus during their studies have exciting career opportunities in a fast-paced business world.

They are particularly suited for challenging roles in product development, where they can even lead the creation of new products and services, or in strategic business development, where they shape the company's future through innovative approaches.

In the field of change management, they can also play a crucial role by helping companies adapt to dynamic market conditions and successfully manage transformation processes.

Their skills are equally important in innovation marketing and communication, ensuring new concepts are successfully introduced and established in the market.

The demand for professionals with these competencies is especially high in industries such as technology, the digital economy, and business consulting.

As a student specializing in Innovation Management, you will develop the following essential competencies:

  • Ability to identify and leverage innovation potentials and create competitive advantages in a globalized market.
  • Understanding of the dynamics of innovation processes and the ability to strategically plan and implement innovative solutions.
  • Knowledge in managing innovation projects, including the application of agile methods and innovation management in international teams.
  • Competencies in digital marketing and digital transformation to effectively integrate new technologies into existing business models.
  • A deep understanding of the role of creativity and creative problem-solving in the innovation process.
  • Skills in analyzing market trends and deriving innovative business models based on sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Advanced communication skills and knowledge in leading interdisciplinary teams, essential for managing innovation processes.

What you should ideally bring:

  • Enthusiasm for innovation and creative thinking
  • Enjoyment of interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Openness to new ideas and approaches
  • Ability for critical analysis and strategic foresight

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