IT Security

Optional focus in Software or IT Engineering

The focus for cybersecurity-oriented IT talents


Software Engineering students specializing in IT Security are ideally prepared to respond to the growing challenges of cybersecurity in software development.

In a world where digitalization is increasing in all areas of life, the risk of cyberattacks, data breaches, and security violations is also rising, placing IT Security at the heart of software development.

The demand for well-trained professionals who can not only develop software but also ensure that this software and the data it contains are protected against attacks is huge.

Start-ups, medium-sized companies, and large corporations need experts who not only develop systems but also implement them with a deep understanding of IT Security to protect data and maintain the integrity of networks.

A degree that treats IT Security as an essential part of software development prepares you to become an indispensable player in the modern business world and in the fight against cybercrime.

Digital transformation brings not only enormous opportunities but also diverse security risks, especially in software-based and -operated hardware.

For IT engineers, specializing in IT Security is crucial to develop not only essential skills but also to respond specifically to the growing, sophisticated cyber threats.

The focus is on learning the design of robust security systems that protect specifically software-controlled hardware from cyberattacks, through preventive and reactive strategies. These specialized skills are essential for effectively securing an organization's digital and physical infrastructure.

As an IT Engineer with expertise in IT Security, you play a key role in protecting critical technologies and are a central driver of the security agenda within digital and hardware-based business processes.








Start of study

Usually on October 1 of the respective year

Duration of study

7 semesters regularly


Bachelor of Science in the chosen degree with focus in IT-Security / total 210 ECTS credits


13 weeks per term at the partner company, 10 weeks per term at NORDAKADEMIE

Tuition fee

Paid by the partner company during the standard period of study

IT Security

Information about the focus

Studying the focus on IT-Security - What does it mean?

IT-Security refers to measures and procedures aimed at protecting digital data, networks, and systems from unauthorized access, cyberattacks, theft, or damage. It includes the application of technologies, policies, and management strategies to securely manage information and IT infrastructures and ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.

Within the curriculum, students are introduced to the important field of IT-Security in the 4th semester. During this semester, they not only learn about the fundamental principles and concepts of IT-Security but also about preventive security measures to identify and prevent potential threats and risks early on.

In the 6th semester, students deepen their knowledge by engaging with selected aspects of IT-Security. This offers an opportunity to explore more specific and complex topic areas and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the diverse challenges in IT-Security.

Finally, in the 7th semester, the study of IT-Security is complemented by courses in diagnostics and forensics. These courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct effective analyses after security breaches, determine causes, and initiate appropriate countermeasures.

Overview of focal modules:

4th Sem.: IT Security (Part of the mandatory curriculum)

4th Sem.: Preventive Security

6th Sem.: Selected Aspects of IT Security

7th Sem.: Diagnostics and Forensics

Graduates who have chosen IT Security or related focuses in degree programs such as computer science open themselves to extensive career prospects in the essential world of cybersecurity.

They qualify for key positions in areas like network security, data encryption, forensics, risk management, compliance, security consulting, as well as in the development of secure software, identity and access management, threat analysis and mitigation, and IT emergency planning.

With their specialized knowledge in securing digital systems and infrastructures, they play a crucial role in strengthening the security architecture of companies and developing protection measures against cyberattacks that meet the high requirements of IT Security.

These competencies open up diverse and forward-looking career opportunities in companies of any size and type – from security companies to consulting firms to all industries that need to protect their IT systems, thereby allowing graduates from both fields of study to make an important contribution to digital security.

In the field of IT Security for computer science students, you will acquire the following key competencies:

  • A deep understanding of the principles and challenges in IT Security, including data protection, data security, and cyber defense.
  • The ability to analyze and assess security risks in various IT systems and networks and to develop and implement corresponding security measures.
  • Competence in dealing with modern encryption techniques and authentication methods to protect digital data.
  • Experience in applying security protocols and standards to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information.
  • Knowledge in developing secure software and applications, including considering security aspects throughout the development process.
  • Understanding of the legal and ethical aspects of IT Security and their significance for practice.
  • The ability to recognize current and emerging threats in the cyber world and respond to them.

These competencies equip you for a successful career in the field of IT Security, whether in industry or research.

These are the qualities you should bring to the table:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Independence
  • Problem-solving competence
  • Perceptiveness
  • Patience

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