Logistics & Process Management

Optional focus in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering

The focus for all business activities surrounding the flow of goods


Business Administration students specializing in Logistics & Process Management learn how to increase the efficiency of supply chains and material flows in companies. The ability to understand and optimize cross-departmental processes is crucial for ensuring the availability of products and the supply of materials for production.

Business Administration students also gain knowledge in applying innovative methods to minimize waste, especially in transportation, storage, and picking, leading to more efficient logistical processes and increased corporate efficiency.

Industrial Engineering students with a focus on Logistics gain in-depth insights into the design and optimization of internal material flows and global supply chains. They learn how to minimize waste through technical methods and make logistical processes more efficient.

Their expertise in automating recurring processes plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of products and the supply of materials for their own production. Understanding the integration of material and information flows makes them key figures in creating efficient trading, production, and market provisioning processes.



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Start of study

Usually on October 1 of the respective year

Duration of study

7 semesters regularly


Bachelor of Science in the chosen degree with focus in Logistics & Process Management  / total 210 ECTS credits


13 weeks per term at the partner company, 10 weeks per term at NORDAKADEMIE

Tuition fee

Paid by the partner company during the standard period of study

Logistics & Process Management

Information about the focus

Studying Logistics & Process Management – What does that mean?

Logistics refers to the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the flow of goods from the origin to the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers or companies. It includes all activities related to picking, transport, storage, handling, and management of goods and plays a crucial role in optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

During their studies, students delve deeper into the subject of Business Process Management from the fourth semester, focusing on the analysis, optimization, and management of business processes.

In the fifth semester, knowledge is expanded through the modeling and simulation of logistical systems. Here, students learn to virtually map and analyze complex logistical processes to identify optimization potentials.

The sixth semester offers different focuses depending on the field of study. While business administration students engage with selected aspects of logistics, industrial engineering students focus on material flow technology. These specializations allow students to deepen their knowledge in the respective areas.

In the final seventh semester, international trade and global logistics are at the forefront. Students deal with global market conditions and learn to efficiently design and manage international logistics processes.

Overview of focus modules:

4th Sem.: Business Process Management

5th Sem.: Modeling & Simulation of Logistical Systems

6th Sem.:

Business Administration: Selected Aspects of Logistics

Industrial Engineering: Material Flow Technology

7th Sem.: International Trade & Global Logistics

Graduates who have specialized in Logistics and Process Management during their studies have a wide range of job opportunities. They can play a crucial role in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, where they are responsible for optimizing and managing the supply chain.

They are also suited for roles in Distribution and Sales, where their expertise contributes to the efficiency of goods distribution.

In the field of Purchasing and Procurement, they use their knowledge to acquire materials and goods cost-effectively and on time.

The broad spectrum of expertise in Process Management also makes them ideal candidates for careers in Business Consulting, where they help companies analyze and improve processes.

These career fields are essential for the economy, offer recession-proof perspectives, and enable graduates to make a significant contribution to enhancing company performance.

By focusing on Logistics & Process Management, you will acquire the following skills:

  • Ability to plan, implement, and control the flow of goods from the origin to the point of consumption to meet customer or company requirements.

  • Knowledge in picking, transport, storage, handling, and management of goods to optimize business processes and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Expertise in analyzing, optimizing, and managing business processes.

  • Skills in modeling and simulating logistical systems to virtually map, analyze complex logistical processes, and identify optimization potentials.

  • Deepening of knowledge in selected aspects of logistics for business administration students or in material flow technology for industrial engineering students.

  • Understanding of global market conditions and the competence to efficiently design international logistics processes.

What You Ideally Should Bring:

  • Analytical ability

  • Communication skills

  • Innovativeness

  • Networked thinking

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