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IT security

Degree: IT Engineering (B.Sc.)

IT Engineering with a focus on security

Study IT security

Graduates who have chosen "IT security" as the focus of IT Engineering (B.Sc.) are in demand in almost all industries due to the increasing cyber-attack problems and are usually employed in IT-related business areas. The current situation of numerous attacks on companies and institutions of various sizes and industries creates a very high demand for corresponding experts, with correspondingly very good salary prospects.

In a globally networked world in which companies and private individuals are increasingly becoming the target of cyber attacks, IT security experts represent professionals who are in high demand. Students majoring in "IT Security" acquire competencies to design processes and systems in the company robustly against cyber attacks and learn procedures to react appropriately in case of attacks.

The focus on IT security represents a useful specialization for the IT engineering program with its focus on hardware-related development and system operation.





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Start of study

Usually on October 1 of the respective year

Duration of study

7 semesters regularly


Bachelor of Science "IT-Engineering" with focus on „IT-Security“ 210 ECTS credits – of which 29 in the main focus


13 weeks per term at the partner company, 10 weeks per term at NORDAKADEMIE

Tuition fee

Paid by the partner company during the standard period of study

IT security

(B.Sc. IT Engineering)

The following contents will be discussed:

  • Basics of IT security
  • Security mechanisms (e.g. encryption and authentication methods)
  • Application security
  • Operating system security
  • Network security and firewalls
  • Operation of secure and reliable systems
  • Security audits and penetration testing

Please note that the language of instruction is German. A C1 level in German is required to study at NORDAKADEMIE.

Students in this specialization can work in the following areas, for example, in addition to traditional computer science professions:

  • IT security consulting, security auditing
  • Security by design
  • Protection against phishing and cyber attacks
  • Computer forensics
  • Data protection and legal issues

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