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NORDAKADEMIE provides its students with information technology qualifications with which they are in demand as specialists and managers worldwide. And for good reason: We continue to develop our study programs in constant dialog with representatives of industry and adapt them in detail to changing requirements. As a result - and due to the interdisciplinary interlocking with the departments of engineering and business - our graduates have a field-proven know-how highly appreciated by companies in all industries.


Our Department of Computer Science prepares you perfectly for the digital requirements of the economy. With 3 dual bachelor's and 2 part-time master's degree programs, there is guaranteed to be something of interest for you.

At NORDAKADEMIE, excellent study and research conditions are a top priority. In addition to spacious study rooms, our students in Elmshorn and Hamburg also have access to various laboratories for the development and testing of information technology innovations, such as for the "Internet of Things" or Industry 4.0.

Under the guidance of our dedicated lecturers, our students acquire advanced know-how in intelligent systems, software design, quality assurance or e-commerce - to name just a few of the diverse tasks in the IT environment. The practical phases are closely coordinated with the lectures and serve to illustrate theoretical contexts. Of course, our classrooms are also equipped with the latest technology.

The NORDAKADEMIE laboratories are also available to our students by arrangement outside of the lecture times. Students in all departments can use the computer and small group rooms on campus 24 hours a day according to their needs.

As a university of business, NORDAKADEMIE knows which information technology expertise is relevant for companies today and in the future. Students can choose from the following customized degree programs:

  • Dual Bachelor's degree program "Business Informatics (B.Sc.)"
  • Dual Bachelor's degree program  "IT Engineering (B.Sc.)"
  • Dual Bachelor's degree program  "Software Engineering (B.Sc.)"
  • Part-time Master's degree program "Business Informatics/IT Management (M.Sc.)"
  • Part-time Master's degree program "Applied Data Science (M.Sc.)"

Please note that a C1 level in German is required to study at NORDAKADEMIE, as the language of instruction is German.

Whether dual Bachelor's degree or part-time Master's degree: The specialized computer science and data science degree programs at NORDAKADEMIE are the ideal prerequisite for a career of international stature.

  • Business informatics specialists use the potential of modern information and communication technology to design business processes. They analyze processes, weigh up the opportunities and risks of digitalization and are indispensable today as developers of cross-divisional solutions.
  • Technical computer scientists and IT engineers are always in demand when it is a matter of equipping systems with their own "intelligence" - commonly known by the buzzwords Internet of Things or Industry 4.0. They can choose from a wide range of fields of application and are highly demanded specialists across all sectors - especially in industry.
  • Experts in applied computer science are specialists in all phases of software design - from conception to quality assurance. They work on projects as application developers as well as in a management role. In addition, they may specialize in software and web engineering or software architecture.
  • Business informatics specialists and IT managers can adjust the IT of the company with modern methods to the constantly growing requirements and control software developments. After a part-time course of study at the NORDAKADEMIE, they possess comprehensive skills and are able to handle management responsibility in the IT environment.
  • Applied Data Scientists possess great mathematical-statistical knowledge and IT know-how and combine it with targeted management in the company. They can analyze data in a well-founded manner, process it in an application-oriented manner and offer strategic solutions. The intermediaries between business unit and analysis experts are rare and in demand worldwide.

In cooperation with companies and other universities, and with the partial involvement of students, the team at NORDAKADEMIE works on various key research areas. Our projects include


Since August 1, 2021, NORDAKADEMIE has been working together with three partner universities on the joint research project „CrossLab – Flexibel kombinierbare Cross-Reality Labore in der Hochschullehre: zukunftsfähige Kompetenzentwicklung für ein Lernen und Arbeiten 4.0“.

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Data Science Process Model (DASC-PM)

Even today, there is still a lack of clarity about how Data Science is to be distinguished from other disciplines, which special features projects display, and which competencies are needed. NORDAKADEMIE has therefore developed the Data Science Process Model (DASC-PM) as part of an interdisciplinary virtual working group.

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As an interdisciplinary research focus, e-learning runs through the various departments at NORDAKADEMIE. In 2016, a research group was therefore founded that considers e-learning, among other things, as a method for the didactic processing of learning content.

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IT-Management/Digital Transformation

The core tasks of corporate IT are to provide optimum support for business processes with a suitable IT infrastructure and appropriate IT applications. This research project addresses the increasing focus on the development and implementation of IT-based innovations and business models.

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User Experience Design

Today, information technology design has reached a level of maturity where not only pragmatic product quality, but also user experience and overall impact determine market success. In this research focus, we are concerned with "user experience" (UX), which describes a user's overall experience with a product.


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Study programs

dual and part-time


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Business Informatics

Our graduates use the potential of modern information and communication technology to solve business issues and are in-demand specialists.
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IT Engineering

Whether Internet of Things or Industry 4.0: graduates of this degree program solve complex problems and make themselves indispensable in the future.
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Software Engineering

The focus of this degree program is on pure software development. This is why our graduates are in demand in almost every industry today and in the future.
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Business Informatics
IT Management

Graduates of this master's program are optimally prepared to take on demanding management tasks in the IT environment in the future.
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Applied Data Science

The ideal combination of mathematics, statistics and information technology with management and communication - for everyone who wants to face the digital transformation.
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